‘Weathering With You’ Film Review – THN

A review of the film ‘Weathering With You’, written for THN, originally published January 13th 2020.

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The director of Your Name returns with another tale of coming of age romance complicated even further by elements of the fantastical.

With 2016’s Your Name, Japanese director Makoto Shinkai made an animated movie for the ages. Exploring love, connection, and destiny through the prism of a body swap comedy, Your Name more than demonstrated the skills of Shinkai to bring to life a movie that tells a larger than life story that wonderfully combines gorgeous visuals and a real sense of emotions running high.

His new film follows young teenage runway Hodaka (voiced by Kotaro Daigo), who has left his parents in the country to make a life for himself in Tokyo, with the city experiencing an unusually rainy summer. Investigating urban legends around the weather, Hodaka meets Hina (Nan Mori) who has the ability to change the weather. together, they start to bring sunshine to people across the city and begin to fall for each other. But Hina’s abilities come with a price.

Full article at THN, originally published January 13th 2020.

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