‘Star Trek: Picard – Episode Two: Maps And Legends’ TV Review – THN

A review of the second episode of ‘Star Trek: Picard’, written for THN, originally published February 4th 2020.

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A mystery involving the Romulans and Starfleet deepens in the second episode of Amazon Prime’s ‘Star Trek: Picard’. 

After the events of last week’s first episode, I was quick to assume that the show was racing towards getting Jean-Luc Picard back onto the bridge of a spaceship. But, as is evident in the second episode, we’ve got a lot of plot to lay down first, with this episode committing more time to the mystery that bubbles at the centre of this series, as well as the obstacles Picard has in his way before he can shoot off to the stars once more.

Picking up with the events of last week that saw Dahj’s (Isa Briones) demise but the revelation that this ‘daughter of Data’ has a twin sister somewhere out in the galaxy, Picard is keen to get out there and search for this twin and to protect her from the very forces that killed her sister. Little does Picard know but that sister, Soji, is at great risk, working on a Romulan reclamation site located inside an abandoned Borg cube whilst being watched by the very same clandestine faction of synthetic hating Romulans who murdered her sister.

Full review over at THN, originally published February 4th 2020.

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