‘Waiting for Anya’ Film Review – THN

A review of ‘Waiting for Anya’, written for THN.

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Michael Morpurgo’s 1990 children’s book, set in France during World War Two is brought to the big screen, placing a coming of age tale against the backdrop of the darkest chapter in human history. 

Michael Morpurgo’s work has a history of delivering tales of war to younger audiences in a manner that is relatable to younger readers, whilst not holding back on the realities of the history that his stories have a responsibility to tell. His work has been brought to the screen before, most notably with Steven Spielberg’s War Horse in 2011. Waiting for Anya aims for the same level of success, but sadly this worthy story just doesn’t quite have the sophistication to bring Morpurgo’s tale to the screen in a manner that is all that affecting.

Full review at THN, originally published February 21st 2020.

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