‘Star Trek: Picard – Episode Six: The Impossible Box’ TV Review – THN

A review of the sixth episode of ‘Star Trek: Picard’.

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Plot threads collide in this sixth episode of the Amazon Prime Star Trek series that continues its build of momentum to deliver an action-packed offering that also nicely ties in the ghosts of Picard’s past.

Picard and his crew are quickly on their way to the Romulan controlled Borg artifact, the location of Soji, who is working as a part of the reclamation project aboard the abandoned Borg Cube. With Picard forced to face one of the darkest memories of his past assimilated with the Borg, he must also hurry to find Soji before the Romulan spy Narek manages to force her to discover the truth of what she is so that he may find out where she is from before removing her from the equation.

Once again, this is an episode of Picard that thrives more on a sense of frenetic pacing, combining elements of Picard’s past to drive both his mission and much of the drama at the focus. His grappling with memories of assimilation certainly feels a little more forced than you would like them to be; would Picard really be that debilitated by such memories after we have seen him reconcile with such trauma in the franchise’s past? It’s an element that seems to play more on Picard’s age and frailty, meaning that this is a Picard that feels quite different from what we’ve seen before. The differences between Picard the character and Stewart the actor have most certainly blurred within this series, but there’s definitely a lot of heart and passion behind Stewart’s more vulnerable performance for Jean Luc.

Full review at THN, originally published March 2nd 2020.

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