Scrubs: Sam Lloyd’s Ted Was the Best Side Character – Screen Rant

An article written in memory of Sam Lloyd, expressing why Ted was the best side character in ‘Scrubs.’

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Sam Lloyd, the beloved actor who portrayed sad sack hospital lawyer Ted Buckland on Scrubs, sadly passed away after a short battle with cancer on April 30th. As castmates and fans alike fondly remember the actor and musician, now is the perfect time to reflect on Lloyd’s contribution to the enduring appeal of Scrubs and why Ted stands out amongst a cast of colorful supporting characters on the medical comedy.

Ted Buckland was Sacred Heart Hospital’s long-serving hapless lawyer, despite the fact that he never displayed the sharpest lawyering mind. Constantly the target of Chief of Medicine Dr. Bob Kelso’s verbal abuse and exploitation, Ted’s lack of self-esteem and general spinelessness would often lead to some of the show’s funniest one-liners and slapstick gags.

Full article over at Screen Rant, originally published May 16th 2020.

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