‘Bloodshot’ – Film Review – VultureHound

My review of Vin Diesel’s latest comic-book action movie, ‘Bloodshot’.

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One of the early cinematic casualties of the coronavirus pandemic, Bloodshot was released in cinemas in early March, getting a brief theatrical window before cinemas were indefinitely shut down. The film was then put onto digital platforms earlier than planned, coming in at the top of the Amazon Prime home release chart in its first week. It makes sense that this would have a better life on-demand than it would have vying for attention in multiplexes. It may have an A-list star leading its cast, but everything else about Bloodshot is much more in the spirit of a bargain bin action flick. But that’s not necessarily a terrible thing. 

Diesel plays US Marine Ray Garrison, living his best life taking out bad guys across the world and coming home to relax with his beautiful wife, Gina (Talulah Riley) on the Amalfi Coast. That life is brought to an abrupt end after both Ray and his wife are murdered following his latest mission. But death is just the beginning for Ray as he is resurrected by Rising Spirit Tech, a company that develops cybernetic enhancements for the US military. Now with millions of nanites swimming in his bloodstream, Ray is nigh on invincible, super strong, and able to connect to any satellite database in the world. And he only has one thing on his mind: revenge. 

Full review over at VultureHound, originally published June 1st 2020.

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