Neon: Lighting Up New Worlds – JumpCut Online

A look into some of the films from American distributor NEON.

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Over the past decade, there have been many independent film distributors who have come to establish themselves as a brand of quality when you cast your eyes over their output. One such American distributor is Neon films. From getting behind independent movies from around the world, Neon is establishing itself as a mark of quality for those looking for films that offer something a little different to the norm.

To best express the variety of films that Neon has to offer, and the gems that exist within its distribution wheelhouse, their output can be categorised into four areas that demonstrate their keen interest in providing audiences with distinct voices and stories from across the world. These four categories are as follows: The American Indie, Documentaries, Genre Movies, and World Cinema.

In this selection, not only will you hopefully end up with a healthy watchlist, but you will also see just what kind of movies Neon have been behind when it comes to their distribution Stateside, and why they stand as one of the most eclectic distributors operating today.

Full article over at JumpCut Online, originally published July 15th 2020.

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