‘The Vigil’ – Film Review – THN

A review of faith based horror movie, ‘The Vigil’.

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Set in the Hasidic community of Boro Park, Brooklyn, Keith Thomas makes his directorial debut with a thematically rich horror that offers a fresh perspective on things going bump in the night. 

Dave Davis plays Yakov, a depressed young man who has distanced himself from his Orthodox Jewish community following a tragic accident in his past. In the hope of encouraging him to embrace his faith once again, Reb Shulum (Menashe Lustig) asks Yakov to act as a Shomer for one night, taking on the job of keeping vigil over the body of a deceased member of the community. Once Yakov’s night begins however, he discovers that something evil and malevolent has attached itself to the soul he’s been charged to protect, and it’s looking for a new host. 

The Vigil, being released under the Blumhouse banner, is both a horror that feels very familiar but also very unique. It is predominantly set in one location, that being a creepy underlit house with something lurking in the shadows, and faith based horrors are certainly nothing new. You’ve likely seen many horror movies that deal with trauma in a similar way, with the evil spirit doing its utmost to use the power of painful memories to its advantage.

Full review at THN, originally published July 30th 2020.

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