‘Deep Blue Sea 3’ – Film Review – Filmhounds

Whose hat is like a shark’s fin this time?

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Yes that’s right folks, there’s a Deep Blue Sea 3! The legacy of Renny Harlin’s 1999 super-powered shark attack blockbuster lives on in the form of good old direct to video sequels. Number two may have passed a lot of you by (I also haven’t seen it, but it isn’t hard to pick up the threads), but number three has come in hot on its dorsal fin for more shark-scapades, offering ridiculous B-movie thrills. You know what you’re getting, and while it is never particularly inspired, it’s not without its chummy charms. 

The action takes place on a man-made island that acts as a Great White Shark sanctuary in the middle of the ocean. This is where the offspring of the highly intelligent shark from the previous installment have headed to, and they’ve made it an all you can eat buffet. Hot on their tail is a team of ruthless mercenaries keen to take them out. The scientists at the sanctuary soon find themselves having to find a way to survive not just the sharks, but the men hired to kill them as well.

Full review over at Filmhounds, originally published September 1st 2020.

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