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Bolding going on a ranking of the adventures of the Starship Enterprise.

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This week marks the 54th Anniversary of the launch of Gene Roddenberry’s iconic Star Trek. While it may have began life as a TV show, running for three seasons before being unceremoniously cancelled, syndication of the series gave it a life beyond cancellation, eventually leading to the move to the big screen. From that point on, there’s rarely been a moment when Star Trek hasn’t been on our screens, both big and small, in some capacity, demonstrating the lasting power of Roddenberry’s optimistic vision of the future. 

It hasn’t always been easy, particularly when it comes to the larger scale film productions, as even today the franchise has fallen into a something of a limbo. Films have amazed, disappointed, and even very nearly sunk the whole franchise. That is the Trek we shall go on today, as we set out to rank the movies that have seen the crews of multiple Enterprises, of generations old and new, take to the stars to deliver tales that aim to take fans and audiences to the very edges of the final frontier. So, without further ado: Engage!

Full article over at Filmhounds Magazine, originally published September 18th.

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