LFF 2020: ‘180° Rule’ – Film Review – THN

Screening as part of LFF 2020.

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A tragedy causes a family to fall apart in Farnoosh Samadi’s directorial debut.

The 180° rule in film refers to a set of guidelines for establishing space within a frame between two different characters. Farnoosh Samadi’s film is using the rule both in practice and to describe what kind of story it is telling. It is very much about what is said and what is not said between two individuals who have to occupy the same space, and how a poor level of communication can lead to disaster, even if no one means it too. 

Sahar Dolatshahi stars as Sara, a teacher in Tehran who lives with her husband Hamad (Pejman Jamshidi) and their young daughter, When Hamad fails to get time off work for a wedding, he tells Sara not to go without him. Sara decides to go anyway. But when a tragedy occurs over the wedding weekend, Sara’s life is thrown into turmoil. 

Full review over at THN, originally published October 9th 2020.

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