Let’s Jaws For a Minute – ‘Harry, Larry and Gary’ – Podcasts

I guest on the podcast ‘Let’s Jaws For a Minute’, discussing all things Jaws, Mayor Vaughan, and his fabulous nautical suits.

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This week, Sarah and MJ are joined by Andrew Gaudion (@AndyGaudion93) to discuss the back half of the scene on the ferry. They talk about more parallels with the preadator/prey dynamic, aggressive but awesome suits, and what exactly the medical inspector’s name is as well as this film as a response to the era of Richard Nixon. Also, this episode features the debut of the theme song Tiger Shark by Kristen Falls! If you would like to purchase this straight up bop, it is available at phantomstrangerinc.bandcamp.com. Follow Kristen on Instagram @kristenfallsmusic and Phantom Stranger @phantomstrangerinc.

Find the full episode over at Anchor, originally uploaded November 13th 2020.

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