‘I’m Your Woman’ – Film Review – Filmhounds

A review of the Rachel Brosnahan-starring Amazon Original thriller.

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The ‘crook-on-the-lam’ story is one that has, for the most part, been characterised by men, men who have made a bad decision, forced to leave everything behind and take to the open road to escape their pursuers. Part and parcel of that narrative usually involves our antihero having to leave behind a loved one, a girlfriend, or his wife and kids. What happens to that fugitive’s partner, who is just handed a bag of money and told to get out of town? What does that story look like? That is the question at the heart of Julia Hart’s genre picture, and it makes for one hell of a crime thriller. 

It is Pittsburgh in the ’70s. Jean (Rachel Brosnahan) thinks that nothing can top the surprise of her husband, Eddie (Bill Heck), coming home one day with a newborn baby in his arms. But that is just the beginning of the surprises that Eddie has in store for her. Only days later, one of Eddie’s associates arrives in the middle of the night, hurriedly packs a bag, and puts her in a car with another associate, Cal (Arinzé Kene). She’s simply told to follow instructions, with no one letting her what has become of her husband or what all this is about. As the danger towards her and her new baby becomes more and more apparent, Jean has to take action to ensure that the rest of her life isn’t spent constantly looking over her shoulder.

Jean is a woman seemingly stuck in a rut when we meet her at the start of the story. She’s naive and ignorant about what it is that Eddie does for a living, an approach to their relationship that he clearly prefers, but has produced some distance between them. This couple with the fact that they have been unable to conceive has left Jean in a seemingly aimless position. Then, all at once, her life is turned upside down by Eddie’s mysterious, yet undoubtedly criminal actions. 

Full review over at Filmhounds Magazine, originally published December 9th 2020.

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