‘WandaVision: Episode Six’ – TV Review – THN

A review of the sixth episode of the Disney+ series.

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After the bombshell that was last week’s reveal, fans would have undoubtedly been left reeling with many questions as to what exactly it all meant for the nature of the Marvel Cinematic Universe going forward in its fourth phase. Of course, the following episode was never going to answer it all, but there are certainly enough nuggets of information, and dramatic events in its own right, to keep viewers guessing and intrigued as to where the final stretch of episodes will take us. 

It’s Halloween night in Westview. With the aesthetic now firmly in 90’s sitcom territory (there’s some real Malcolm in the Middle vibes this episode), Wanda and Vision have to deal with the sudden arrival of Wanda’s supposedly dead twin brother, Pietro (Evan Peters), with Wanda clearly thrown by his sudden change of appearance. Outside ‘The Hex’, Monica, Jimmy and Darcy’s efforts to get SWORD to take a less aggressive course of action against Wanda sees them sidelined, meaning that they feel compelled to take matters into their own hands. They’re not the only ones who are taking it upon themselves to find out what’s going on, as Vision begins to test the boundaries of the reality he is in, something which has consequences for everyone both inside and outside The Hex. 

Full review over at THN, originally published February 12th 2021.

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