’20 Best Belated Sequels, Ranked’ – We Love Cinema

An article to mark the release of ‘Coming 2 America’, ranking the best belated sequels that eventually made it to screens.

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When it comes to sequels, “patience is a virtue” is a proverbial phrase that will be sure to resonate with film fans everywhere. After all, the time span for a sequel can differ immeasurably, usually based on a studio’s decision to “strike while the iron is hot” (say, 2 to 3 years) or to mull over a project for decades until it enters a stage known as “development hell.”

The latter situation was very much the case with Coming 2 America, the belated sequel to one of Eddie Murphy’s defining hits, 1988’s Coming to America, which lands on Prime Video today. For fans of the original, that’s one long gap, and while some delayed sequels are merely painful to experience (here’s looking at you, Dumb & Dumber To), there are plenty out there which demonstrate that sometimes the wait can be worth it.

Full article over at We Love Cinema, originally published March 5th 2021.

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