‘Come True’ – Film Review – Filmhounds

A review of a new on demand horror movie.

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Be it Freddy Kruger’s boiler room in A Nightmare on Elm Street, pulling off heists in Inception, or Fellini’s fantasies in 81/2, the world of dreams has often been fertile ground to explore in cinema across many different genres. They are perhaps most fitting to the horror genre, what with the potential of creating nightmarish landscapes and subconscious imagery. Playing on anxieties and fears of individuals. Come True is the latest to create a horror experience around the images that unfurl in our minds when we shut our eyes to catch some z’s, and it is one that demonstrates a great deal of potential in its emerging director.

Julia Sarah Stone stars as Sarah, a teenage runaway who has been sleeping rough, occasionally relying on the charity of her best friend to provide a roof over her head. She also keeps having strange dreams featuring a looming shadowy figure. Keen to both get some rest and maybe find out what’s causing such weird dreams, Sarah signs up to a sleep study at the local university. Once there, she soon discovers the nature of the experiment is to test out a new, potentially groundbreaking, piece of technology; a device that, when worn, is capable of relaying the images that the wearer sees in their dreams. As Sarah gets deeper into the experiment, it soon becomes clear that her dreams may be more dangerous than she could have ever believed.

Full review over at Filmhounds Magazine, originally published March 12th 2021.

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