‘Every Zack Snyder Film, Ranked’ – We Love Cinema

A ranking of the dynamic filmmaker.

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Whatever you make of his output, Zack Snyder is a director defined by his distinctive visual filmmaking style. Throughout his career, he has shown an ability to conjure up striking images through a combination of dynamic composition, speed ramping action, and a desire to steer clear of fast edits and shaky camera movements.

Beginning his career as a director of music videos for the likes of Morrissey, Rod Stewart and ZZ Top, Snyder has often been called out for his supposed preference for style over substance. That said, whether he’s drawing closely from comic book panels or using the latest visual techniques to bring the images in his head to life, there is something undeniably sincere about Snyder’s works that elevates them beyond the merely disposable.

This week marks the long-awaited arrival of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the much discussed, four-hour-long re-edit of his critically-derided 2017 blockbuster, after he was given the chance to go back and fully realise his vision. To mark the occasion, I have conducted the task of definitively ranking the works of the man who has brought us everything from giant blue gods to armoured owls…

Full article over at We Love Cinema, originally published March 18th 2021.

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