Ramblin: An Amblin Podcast – ‘Innerspace (1987)’ – Podcasts

Head out on a fantastic voyage with our episode on the Joe Dante cult classic.

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Strap in and get ready for a podcast of incredible proportions. Martin White (@TheMovieNerdSB) joins us as we miniaturise and intravenously enter the world of Joe Dante’s overlooked 1987 classic ‘Innerspace’. Follow us as we latch onto the optic nerve and look at the film’s glorious Looney Tunes excesses, explore the rich subgenre of shrinking movies and discuss how much of a snack Dennis Quaid was in the mid-’80s. How does it sound? Sounds good. The Ramblin machine, zero defects.

Head to the Anchor page to find the episode now, originally published June 13th 2021!

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