‘The French Dispatch’ – Film Review – THN

My thoughts on the latest from Wes Anderson.

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The latest movie from Wes Anderson (Picture: Fox Searchlight)

Mr Anderson, welcome back, we’ve missed you. Whether you’re a fan of the dollhouse aesthetics that have come to dominate the latter half of the Texan’s career, he is undoubtedly something to be cherished in the modern landscape of American filmmaking. His visuals are unmistakable, he’s one of a handful of directors that you can identify in an instant, a creator who has found his perfect band of collaborators across the years, individuals both in front of and behind the camera who seem perfectly tuned to Anderson’s rhythms and quirks. 

He is a director who has often been accused of offering little more than twee whimsy, featuring eccentric characters with little in the way of beating hearts underneath the tweed, While it is not an opinion I particularly agree with, it is hard to argue against the fact that the very same aesthetic that has made Anderson so distinct is one that can also put his films at a distance for some. Like all things, it is a matter of taste, and not all the chocolates in Anderson’s box are going to be to everybody’s liking.

Read the full review over at THN, originally published October 22nd 2021.

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