Ramblin: An Amblin Podcast – ‘Always (1989)’ – Podcasts

Is that smoke in your eyes, or are you just happy to hear us?

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Is that smoke in your eyes or are you just that happy to hear us? Climb aboard as we take off in our podcasting cockpit once again to fly over the rich canopy of Amblin Entertainment. In this episode, our attention turns to Steven Spielberg’s ‘Always’ from 1989, the last 80’s Amblin movie. Strap in as we battle the flames of this romantic drama, itself a remake of 1943’s ‘A Guy Named Joe’, trying our darndest to evaluate just why this isn’t one of Spielberg’s more widely discussed ventures. And as an extra game, try and count how many times Josh employs his distraction tactic of changing the subject to literally anything else.

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Find the episode on our Anchor page now.

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