Ramblin: An Amblin Podcast – ‘Review of the 80s’ – Podcasts

Join us for a look back over the Amblin movies of the 1980s.

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Whoa, this is heavy – we’re already done and dusted with the 1980s, the decade responsible for some of Amblin’s greatest movies – as this review more than goes to show. So, before we hit the wilderness of the 90s, join us for a look back over the decade that was, as we reveal a number of categories that allow us to ramble once again about some of our favourite aspects of the journey so far. We explore characters, actors, music and dogs before culminating in our individual top fives, as well as revealing the results of the listener poll for best Amblin movie of the 80s. Is it all very self-indulgent? You bet it is, but we hope you enjoy it all the same.

Head to the podcast Anchor page now.

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