The Twin Peaks Pilot at 30 – VultureHound

Thoughts on the pilot of Twin Peaks, to mark its 30th Anniversary.

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Diane, it’s April 8th, 2020. The outside world is a pretty surreal place right now, but there’s plenty to keep me occupied during my time staying at home. Lunch was a tuna fish sandwich on whole wheat, a slice of cherry pie and a cup of coffee. Damn good food. Another activity that’s keeping me occupied is marking the anniversary of one of the best television shows to grace our screens, the surreal masterpiece that is David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks. 

You see, Diane, April 8th also marks the 30th Anniversary of the original airdate of the pilot of the show, broadcast into people’s homes on ABC to the tune of 34.6 million viewers. I’m going to go back to that time Diane, back into the mystery of Laura Palmer and mark the occasion with a viewing of the very same feature length pilot that hooked viewers three decades ago. I’ll put the coffee on, black as midnight on a moonless night. Let’s rock.

Full article at VultureHound, originally published April 7th 2020.

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