Ramblin: An Amblin Podcast – ‘Back to the Future (1985)’ – Podcasts

The Ramblin episode on Robert Zemeckis’ sci-fi classic.

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Great Scott! The time has come for The Ramblin Boys to tackle one of the most defining hits of Amblin Entertainment, Robert Zemeckis’ 1985 sci-fi classic, ‘Back to the Future’ (which also happens to be Josh’s favourite film of all-time). Joined by their guest, creator and host of the Fandomentals podcast (@FandomentalsPod) Harley Mumford (@harleymumford), the boys discuss just what it is that makes this timeless blockbuster tick. From the origins of Zemeckis, to the casting (and firing) of Eric Stoltz, to Huey Lewis and The News and bespoke Van Halen tapes; no Old Man Peabody impression is left behind in this epic discussion of one of the Amblin greats.

Head to the podcast Anchor page to find links to the episode.

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