Ramblin: An Amblin Podcast – ‘Back to the Future Part III (1990)’ – Podcasts

We say goodbye to the adventures of Marty and Doc.

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Ramblin heads to Hill Valley for one last time as we round out Robert Zemeckis’ ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy with this goofy little Old West delight. Fellow Warwick grad Robin Kerrison (@robinjames_) joins us on the proverbial locomotive, and together we ponder how adorable Doc and Clara are, how thrilling that steam train climax is, and how Jules and Verne are somewhat… unsettling. So don your ponchos, get your frisbees ready and pop on some ZZ Top – it’s time to say goodbye to our favourite time travellers. Don’t be yella, now.

Head to the podcast Anchor page to listen now!

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